Wednesday, November 20, 2013

9 Tips To Help You Sleep Better

I am going to tell you how you can wake up every day feeling refreshed. To get a good nights sleep there are only a few things you have to do. I was watching a television show the other day called DR Oz.

Set the temperature. If your room is too cold or too warm, you'll have trouble falling asleep. Experiment with the thermostat to find the ideal temperature for your body. If you sleep with someone else, like a spouse, you might want to consider investing in an electric blanket that has adjustable temperatures for each side.

How to Sleep BetterThe average person should get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Following a strict bedtime routine can ensure that you get proper sleep at night.

Teething and illnesses make the problem worse. You should have something to rub on to sore gums when your babys teeth start to push through. Colic can also interrupt babies and sleeping soundly so you should also have medicines for this illness as well. If you are a despairing parent with a wakeful child, just remember that it won't always be like this. After the first six months babies and sleeping habit will become more regular.

Hypnosis is a process in which a certain state (physical and mental) is attained after following certain instructions given to the mind by the person himself or by someone else. Hypnotherapy is a treatment that uses hypnosis to overcome insomnia. Self-hypnosis can be done by people suffering from insomnia to get sound and relaxed sleep.

The next step you need to do is consciously relax your mind. Stop planning, thinking and making mental notes over and over again. This can get in the way of your mind relaxing. Other than that carry through certain relaxation techniques like deep breathing meditating dimming the lights soft music playing or even picturing a serene how to fall asleep fast and calm setting like a flowing river or a meadow. These techniques will automatically coax the mind to give up the tension and bring about sleep.

Say the faucet leaks and the sound of the water drips are keeping you away from sleep, a temporary solution would be to tie a piece of string around the tap, going all the way down to the sink, so the water will just run down the length of the string noiselessly instead of making that annoying "drip, drip, drip" sound. Then when you wake up seek a lasting solution how to fall asleep fast and finally call that plumber.

Elements of creative visualization can be found in nearly every religion in the world in one form or another. Buddhists must visualize in order to practice their religion. Many Eastern religions believe in the power of creative visualizations. In the 19th century the concept came to the forefront of the New Thought movement. This movement was spearheaded by such thinkers as Wallace Wattles. Wattles wrote the classic The Science of Getting Rich and it is still studied today by many people. The movie "The Secret" was spawned from the concepts in this very book. In it, Wattles writes that one must have a "clear mental image" of the things that they want. When coupled with faith, gratitude, and the expectant attitude, the vision is literally created around them.

Is your bed, mattress, pillow, and bedding the right size? You should have enough room to stretch and turn comfortably. It will be very difficult for you to sleep with a cramp in your back or a sore neck.

I've been using SHEEX now for over 2 weeks and can definitely see a difference in the quality of my sleep. They are very inviting and keep me cool and dry at night. Plus, no more wrinkled sheets!

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